🚚 Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

A TMS, or Transportation Management System, is software designed to manage transportation operations. It helps businesses plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods, both incoming (inbound) and outgoing (outbound). This includes transportation planning and execution, freight payment, and audit. TMS systems offer visibility into day-to-day transportation operations, trade compliance information, and documentation, and ensure the timely delivery of freight and goods. They can reduce costs by finding more efficient shipping routes and methods.
here are a few well-known Transportation Management Systems (TMS):
  1. SAP Transportation Management: Offers robust transportation planning and execution, freight settlement, and analytics features.
  1. Oracle Transportation Management: Provides solutions for transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation.
  1. JDA Transportation Management: Known for its scalability and integration with other supply chain solutions.
  1. Manhattan Transportation Lifecycle Management: Focuses on the full transportation lifecycle, including planning, execution, and monitoring.
  1. Blue Yonder (formerly JDA): Offers a broad range of TMS solutions with advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities.
    1. Sirius TMS (Scania Logistics)
  1. C.H. Robinson's TMC: A division of C.H. Robinson, this TMS focuses on both domestic and global transportation management.
  1. Descartes Systems Group: Offers a suite of global logistics and supply chain management solutions, including transportation management.
  1. MercuryGate: Known for its scalability and ease of use, suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  1. Trimble Transportation: Provides a range of transportation solutions, including TMS, fleet management, and route optimization.
  1. Infor Nexus Transportation Management: Offers global transportation planning and execution capabilities.