Daniel « Klokie » Grossfeld is a multi-talented Full-stack Web developer, information architect, and entrepreneur who has worked with Web technology since 1998. Comfortable developing early-stage start-ups, Klokie is a founding partner of four multinational enterprises based in Stockholm, Paris, and New York, and has additional experience managing and working with agile development teams in London, Barcelona, and Boston.


★ Node.js, React, GraphQL, Apollo
MVC-based server architecture and content management with Drupal
★ Advanced client-side GUI programming with jQuery
★ Linked data semantics with RDF/XML and HTML5
★ Music composition and production for soundtrack and commercial distribution


Shortly after moving to Stockholm, Sweden in the fall of 2005, Klokie co-founded the ambitious Web 3.0 company FileRide, which later evolved into Yepler.com. Matching users based on common interests, including shared documents, links, and discussion topics, FileRide and Yepler serve as the prototype for what the next generation of real-time, contextual Internet social networking services will deliver. Ranging from front-end engineering with jQuery, CSS, HTML5, and Facebook Connect, to back-end server architecture using Amazon Web Services, asynchronous Python libraries, memcached, and nginx, Klokie has been involved in nearly every phase of technological and business development for Yepler. As founding partner and Chief Technology Officer for the creative studio Surface to Air created in the year 2000 in Paris and New York City and working internationally in the fashion, music, video and art worlds, Klokie collaborated with respected graphic and audiovisual artists and architected, built and managed online systems and dynamic user interfaces for Virgin Records (UK), the United Nations (USA), New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA), the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (USA), Stephen King / ABC TV (USA), Circuit de Barcelona (Spain). Consulting projects include multiple EU-funded projects for peer-to-peer file sharing and social networking, rapid prototyping and delivery of a Facebook-style intranet with real-time chat features for Atlas Copco's upper level management, system architecture and development (including billing and SMS payment system integration) for DNA Guide AB (Sweden's pioneering supplier of home DNA tests), and jQuery-driven social widgets for New York Magazine, Toyota, and the SxSW Music Festival (see S2AI.NET for details).

Music and Writing

Holding dual degrees in music theory and computer systems engineering, Klokie is conversant in over a dozen computer languages as well as English, Swedish, Spanish, and French. As a classically trained musician and composer, he has written and recorded over 40 works for various ensembles, with several of his compositions performed at New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall and MIT's Killian Hall. He has also written articles published in GuitarOne Magazine and LeCool's webzine in Barcelona. Current interests include semantic web services and jQuery-enhanced client-side user interaction within the modular Drupal framework, as well as writing and recording with the Stockholm-based band Howler Monkey Gods.