Recently I've been playing around with GraphQL and Apollo. I haven't transitioned all our Gulp scripts to Webpack however (not sure we need to), so it took me a little trial and error to be able to load a GraphQL query stored in an include file using Gulp. Now that it's working, it really helps simplify development, through separation of the logic from the data management.

I just finished the new site for Bergevall Frames. Based in Stockholm since 1968, Bergevalls is a family-run business that has built high-quality frames for the Swedish Museum of Modern Art, The National Museum, Acne Studio and Filippa K, among many others. I'm proud to have been able to help them use Drupal to bring their prestigious brand and aesthetic to the interwebs.

Here are some OSX commands I need to use from time to time when the top menus or dock disappear. It's often triggered by taking an app full-screen and then back again, or by connecting an external display.

The Menubar crashed/refuses to be clickable:

killall -KILL SystemUIServer

The Finder crashed:

killall -KILL Finder

(you can also restart the Finder by option (=alt) + rightclicking the Finder icon in the Dock and selecting Relaunch. It doesn't always work though.)

The Dock crashed:

I needed a static website generator that supported all the tools I use – Gulp, Bootstrap/SASS and Assemble, to name a few. There are so many that seem to be designed to be infinitely flexible, but more importantly, I needed something that would just work without requiring hours of reading documentation for tools that would ultimately go unmaintained.

This one has been bugging me for a while… Spotify on my Mac stops playing as soon as the screen goes dark (due to power saving mode). Seems to happen regardless of audio settings or Spotify settings.

Apparently it's due to a hidden "App Nap" setting which can be easily fixed via the Terminal:

defaults write com.spotify.client NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES

IMHO should really be exposed in Spotify's preferences.

I like using Grab for Mac to quickly capture a bunch of screenshots when I'm documenting the user journey through a web project I'm working on.
Here's a short workflow I made to convert a folder full of screenshots (named "Untitled 1..23.tiff" etc) into neatly-named JPEGs, ready for insertion in a markdown doc.

Facebook announced some new features at their f8 Developer Conference yesterday.

Fresh from a great week at FSW 2011 in Berlin, I’ve just set up the OStatus suite of plugins for WordPress. Just experimenting with Webfinger, Activity Streams, and PuSH at the moment to see how well this works.

The website commissioned to me by Naughty Bits Software, creators of best-selling iPhone game iShoot (recently featured in the New York Times and named by Apple as one of the Top 20 Paid Apps of All Time) is now online.

Word on the Street is a web widget that will automagically recognize the user’s current location and display elected Congressional officials for that region (within the US). It’s my entry in the “Apps for America” contest sponsored by the DC-based non-profit Sunlight Foundation. You can see a working demo at

We’ve finally released the eagerly awaited Mac OS X version of FileRide and it’s pretty sweet. Get your copy from Haven’t got an invitation code? Just use the code “cristal” and you’re good to go! FileRide Mac is tested to run on Leopard and has the same rich feature set as the Windows version except for the integrated YouTube and LastFM players which will be added shortly. We’re now finalizing and testing the iPhone and Web versions and will update you as soon as they become available!

This is the story about how Lisa met a lot of new friends sharing her interests!

Recognize the voice?

Enjoy ;)

Find out more at!

Thanks to the support of the good folks over at A World Beneath and the hard work of Sandra Myhrberg and myself, last night's opening party for Surface to Air's book "Flip the Script" was a great success. The exhibition at the Urban Outfitters Stockholm store located in the magnificent former Roda Kvarn Cinema will be open until February 2008.

Welcome to the Stockholm exhibition 2007-12-06 18:00-20:30!

The first version of the Surface to Air Interactive website is now online.

Surface to Air have finally launched a new version (6.0) of our Surface to Air New York website. It started out as a Flash image/video/music browser with grand ambitions but I quickly realized that it would be much better suited as a JQuery-driven XHTML photo gallery.

Ciao! Ragazzi! le cool are launching two new email subscriptions today, in Roma and Milano.

I will be exhibiting my interactive music installation piece “Esoterrorist” at the upcoming Dorkbot Stockholm — “people doing strange things with electricity”. It will be held at Erstakonsthallen on 23 September.

by Surface to Air
Spring/Summer 2007

Women’s Ready to Wear Presentation
with live performances by
Sabrosa Purr
Tim Sweeney (DFA/Beats in Space)

Wednesday, September 13
394 Broadway, 6th Floor

We just launched, a modeling website for children in London.