Daniel “Klokie” Grossfeld is a senior Web architect, full-stack developer and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience engineering and designing complex data-driven websites, e-commerce, and media distribution systems within the music, video, online and print publishing, and fashion industries.

As a founding partner and CTO of “born global” tech and media startups including ENLIVEN (www.enliven.co), ODALISQUE (www.odalisquemagazine.com), and SURFACE TO AIR (New York/London/Paris; www.surfacetoairstudio.com), Daniel provides agile technical leadership, mentorship and full-stack web engineering expertise and consulting services.

While serving as a senior researcher and consultant to several technical R&D projects funded under the EU's FP7 grant program, Daniel created designs and prototypes for scalable, distributed systems for streaming video and audio distribution, semantic text analysis, machine learning and recommender systems that utilized multi-platform social media profiles with privacy constraints, real-time chat, media search and discovery solutions. He also serves as lead developer for SMEs located across Europe and the US, delivering high-performance, beautifully-designed solutions that hide the underlying complexity and leverage open source technology and Web standards and to create cutting-edge, real-time online experiences that pay equal attention to digital finesse and aesthetic beauty.

Daniel is also a classically trained musician and composer, having written and recorded over 40 works for various ensembles, with several of his compositions performed at New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall and MIT's Killian Hall. He has also written articles published in GuitarOne Magazine and LeCool's webzine in Barcelona and performed as guitarist, bassist and DJ in cities across Europe and the US.